Friday, September 30, 2011

Primitive Grain Bin

My birthday present came early this year. Mr. G and I were antiquing this week and were fortunate enough to find an 1860s walnut table to put in the livingroom. I've wanted a table in there forever for the children to do their schoolwork upon and now I have one! Still no chairs to go with it though...... But! while we were there I saw this gorgeous 1840s grain bin with original faux woodgraining, it is in wonderful condition and I *love* primitive painted furniture. It still has the original casters and everything, unfortunately it reeks like moth balls though. Any ideas on how to get that smell out?

I casually mentioned to Mr. G that if he wanted it he'd better get on the stick and go buy it before someone else did. He went the very next day and bought it for me! I will most likely use it as a blanket chest, but for right now it's still in the very overcrowded livingroom where I can smile at it every time I walk through. I can't imagine being happier with anything else he could have purchased. :-)


  1. What amazing finds! :) For the moth ball smell I'm thinking that if you put some activated charcoal in the bin, that would probably help quite alot. :)

    Hope your having a great day. :)


  2. Wowee!! That looks fantastic! Happy early birthday!

  3. What - no pictures of the table?
    You and Mr. G sure do sound a lot like me and my Mrs. G!!
    She and I are going antiquing in a couple weeks. I can't wait!

  4. Ken, all in due course! I do want to get a picture but the livingroom is so crowded that it's just pushed up against a dresser for right now. It's nothing fancy or overly impressive, I wouldn't want to excite your anticipation too much!

  5. Beautiful bin! I'm 100% behind the coal. I was going to suggest the same thing. Wrap the coal in newspaper and place it on every available surface inside the bin. It may take a few weeks, but it works wonders for absorbing (the occasionally unwelcome) stink of the ages.


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