Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jars Canned as of September 8, 2011

We ran out of quart jars today, I suppose there isn't exactly a convenient time for this to ever happen but today was definitely not it! The girls counted 39 partially filled boxes of pints, bail jars and wide mouth quarts, but none of those are what I need right now. Since we're at a canning standstill I decided to make an itemized list of how many jars of what we've already filled. The total is 565 jars so far, broken down like this:

15 quarts dark cherries
1 pint dark cherries
5 quarts light cherries
1 pint light cherries
6 quarts blueberries
10 pints blueberries
1 half pint blueberries
15 pints cowboy candy
29 quarts peaches
6 pints peaches
8 pints rhubarb
31 pints pineapple
65 quarts corn
1 pint corn
6 pints South Western corn
122 quarts green beans
8 pints black raspberries
3 pints mulberry/black raspberry jam
6 pints mulberry/apple jam
10 pints blueberry/candied ginger jam
1 half pint blueberry/candied ginger jam
9 pints peach jam
7 pints blackberries
1 half pint blackberries
33 quarts glazed carrots
22 quarts tomato sauce
4 pints tomato sauce
1 half pint tomato sauce
14 quarts plain carrots
7pints plain carrots
29 pints salsa
1 half pint salsa
7 quarts potatoes
7pints lemony sticky sour cherry jam
3 pints nectarines/plums
14 pints hot pepper rings
7 quarts spaghetti sauce
12 quarts vegetable broth
11 pints lime pickles
4 pints aubergine pickles
11 pints hot pepper pickles
4 pints zucchini relish
7 pints curried apple chutney

We have more carrots to do, pears and apples. After a while there will be cider, dry beans and some meat as well. I think we should have around 800 jars filled when we're done, I'm excited about that!



  1. Y'all have been busy! :D Your list is very impressive. :) I doubt we have that much on our shelves, but then again we might. I know we did way over 100 quarts of pumpkin alone last year. :S We don't tend use our canned stuff up really fast. :D lol At least they never seem to go bad and we do eventually eat it all. :D (Other then pickles. Cause I eat those by the jar. :P We did 94 pints this year...)

    Hope you find more jars soon. :)Please tell everyone hello for me. :)


  2. I was curious about the Blueberry Ginger jam so I tried it this year. I have not opened a jar, but I did stick my finger in the sauce and it tasted great. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Do you pressure can your vegetables, and meat(if you can meat)? My friend and I were talking about the pros and cons of pressure cooking, and since you know way more about canning I thought I'd look to you for input.

  4. Jenny, I follow what the accepted recommendations are for vegetables and meat. I don't mind making things up as I go in many food prep areas, but I don't ever try it with things that need pressure canned. There is a real risk of botulism there and so I just do what "they" advise. Pressure canning does destroy some of the nutritional value though, there is definitely a trade off for the convenience of home canned food. I can meat for the convenience, but I do think canned meat has a weird flavor, not gross just different. So I suppose my advice is to pressure can meats and non-pickled vegetables just to be safe. :-)

  5. Thanks for the advice. I'll be passing it along to my friend, and putting a pressure canner on the birthday list.


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