Thursday, April 21, 2011

Preparedness Quiz

I don't think most people expect total and complete societal collapse, but we have no way of knowing before hand what goods and services will be interrupted in any given disaster so we need to have a plan that covers all foreseeable possibilities. Give yourself 2 points for every "yes", 1 point for every "almost" and 0 points for every "no".

  1. I have a 30 day supply (at minimum) of food for my family already purchased.

  2. I have water stored for drinking plus for bathing, tooth brushing and laundry.

  3. I have made provision for any pets or livestock that I have so their needs are met in a disaster.

  4. I have a supply of extra shampoo, soap, toilet paper, and other non-food items including feminine hygiene products.

  5. I have a way to cook and keep warm that does not rely on electricity (unless you own a generator) already purchased and I know how to use it.

  6. I own and can operate a firearm for self defense and hunting.

  7. I have enough ammunition on hand if things get bad.

  8. I have a supply of bandaids, OFF, triple antibiotic cream, and other first aid supplies already purchased and in an easily accessible location.

  9. I have a plan to wash clothes that does not involve electricity.

  10. If there is a baby in my home I have a 30 day supply of either disposable diapers or cloth diapers and covers.

  11. I have purchased kerosene lamps or candles for illumination.

  12. If I'm reliant on prescription medicine I have enough on hand to last at least a week ahead of today.

  13. I know of at least 2 likeminded people in my area that I can barter/network/rely on in the event of a collapse.

  14. I have skills that would be in demand if we need to temporarily revert to a cashless system (sewing, mending, blacksmithing, farming etc)

  15. I have precious metals and/or I keep cash on hand in smaller denominations.

  16. I have a plan for dealing with toilet needs (outhouse, composting toilet or enough water to flush your regular toilet stockpiled)

  17. I have a battery operated radio or other means of getting news updates.

  18. I have the means to purify water.

  19. I have a plan to deal with the inevitable tide of people who will show up on my doorstep needing help.

  20. I have carpentry materials on hand such as :basic tools, nails, heavy plastic etc.


1-5 points: you are not prepared at all for even a temporary disruption in your lifestyle. You must begin now to face the prospect of an uncertain future that might not offer you the conveniences that you currently enjoy.

6-15 points: congratulations, you're better prepared than 90% of the rest of the country! Don't stop though, fill in the gaps in your preparedness plan now.

16-25 points: good for you for preparing yourself to be self reliant in the face of disaster. You're successfully reading the road signs and are making great progress!

26-40 points: you're a true prepper! You've probably been preparing for a while and though there might be some areas that need more attention, you will weather a crisis with relative ease.

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  1. 2 points for skills and at least a half point for the first aid supplies; and we don't have any pets. Ouch. Some things to think about.

  2. ChristinaB, it's more than all right! The more people who begin to think about this, the better!
    Jenny, definitely something for all of us, no matter how prepared we are, to give more thought to. A post is upcoming with some good strategies on how to build up food storage painlessly. :-)

  3. I surprised myself and scored 22 points, I guess we aren't so unprepared as I thought. The one thing I keep avoiding that hubby keeps pushing for is a gun, maybe I will give in. The other thing I scored poorly on was the water issue. Where do you store water and what in? How long will it last? I know this sounds silly, like water will go bad, but can't it get bacteria in it? Do you just have store bought bottled water on hand? Even that has an expiration date though.

  4. I/we got 38...if I counted many did you get? If your keeping it confidential that's okay. :) Just wondering. :D

    Definately interesting. Can't wait for the post on good strategies on how to build up food storage. :)

    Hope y'all are fairing okay in these horrible storms. :-/

    Love and hugs,

  5. Nice. I have a couple things to do!

  6. I scored 29 points and barely squeezed into that last category!! I do need some first aid supplies and we could sure use some more ammo! Thanks for making my brain work.

  7. Tiff, water is an issue for us too. I had water stored in empty gallon containers, but we've since used it up. Plastic will leach into liquids, that's why bottled water has an expiration date. Our animals are watered from the creek, but we really need to build a water filter for purifying our own water. We catch rainwater during the Summer, but if a disaster happened *today* we'd be in trouble water-wise. :-( About the gun, you need one, seriously. There's little point in preparing if you can't defend it. I know that's hard to fathom, but if you look at how people behave when faced with no water/food etc you'll see that looting and thieving become common. Prepared people can be a target for desperate people. I'm all about helping others but let's say I have a 30 day supply of food and Brooke's family and Sarah Jane's family and Tiff's family show up here, hungry and angry. That's an extra 20 some people, my food supply now lasts a little over a week, and then we all starve to death. It's a grim reality, but you can't save everybody that *chose* not to prepare.
    Brooke, we blow it with the 2 questions pertaining to water and the extra shampoo etc. I used our backup shampoo/soap supply so I lost points there. Thanks for making me confess that to everybody, lol. :D

  8. Oh, and about the storms, they've all missed us, thank God! We seem to live in a location where most nasty weather heads North of us, or skirts around to the South. How has your family been? Did you get nasty weather?

  9. 38 points. Thanks for the list it helps to have a point of measurement. I guess I am classified as a Prepper.

  10. Yeah, the water thing is kinda difficult. On the shampoo thing its kinda hard to. We live pretty far away from any real towns so we run out of things and have to go to our back up sometimes.

    We have animals, but defiantely aren't as ready as I'd like to be for them... And the other was the laundry. :S lol Sorry about making you confess to everyone. :-/ :)

    We've been okay, but there's been lots of tornados just a few miles from us (which took out some houses) and there's been lots of terrible lighting, but so far all we've lost is an electic fencer which we're hoping to replace with a solar one so we don't have to rely on electicity.... Anyway I'm naturally afriad of storms....which doesn't help my case any. lol Seen lightning strike outside our bedroom windows one to many times. lol

  11. Thank you Rachel for taking the time to list those excellent points!

  12. I was a 16. I did not count my propane BBQ as alternitive cooking because I would not want to rely on it for any length of time. I really want to find an alternitive to my electric stove/oven, electric crockpot, and electric breadmaker. My husband is not really on board with guns, or survivalist mentality. But my Dad sure is! If things got bad enough that my husband did want a gun, my Dad has plenty.


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