Monday, January 3, 2011

witness the women

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed your holidays. I have enjoyed not blogging, but as usual something happens and my thoughts begin to whirl. ;-) I've been thinking about feminism (Chessa wrote something on Facebook that started it) and our foremothers. I promise I won't have a blog post tirade about the evils of feminism, I'll assume that's understood. Instead I want to recount and remind you of the incredible moral strength, physical strength, and character that these women possessed. I read a lot of diaries and letters collections and I am awe struck at what they faced with their chin up, trials that would floor me. How they followed husbands into new lands where whites hadn't been before, how they buried husbands and made their way on alone, how they buried child after child after child and went on living. That they dealt with starvation and deprivation the likes of which we can't even comprehend. And it didn't break them! I think of how little it takes to unnerve me and it makes me ashamed of myself. I think of their reliance on God and I realize what a pathetic Christian I am. I recall Anna Briggs Bentley writing that after her husband and children were in bed she would wash their socks and darn them. Each only had one pair and she would do this service every night. I think about Cornelia Peake MacDonald and how she bartered and bargained so that her children could have shoes. How she scrimped and contrived so that they could eat. I think of the women in the South left to run farms because their men were away repelling the invader. And I wonder, are we stronger women today than they were? We have it so much easier, but I think it has made us lazy and indolent. I want to possess the character that I read about. I want to have that reliance on God and myself that will allow me to float with the waves and not be drown.


  1. The diaries of women of the 19th century give so much information on life as it was. I collect their diaries and I am always amazed on their strength, endurance, fortitude, and dedication.
    Can you imagine how strong a society we would be today if men and women were like that in our modern times?
    Thank you for a fine posting Paris.

  2. I agree hartily Mrs. G! I want to be as they were, trusting in the God of our salvation to there last breathe at any cost! I want to do that. It made me ashamed as I sit here saying how hard my life as a stay at home daughter is because I have to do college exams I am ashamed because its easier to sit in my quiet peaceful home and study than do what they did I am sure! this was a much needed reminder!

    In Christ,

  3. Good post. I have a feeling you are probably well on your way, simply being a homeschooling mother of 9. Part of me wonders if we'll get the chance to become, by necessity, something similar to the women you are referencing.


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