Monday, January 17, 2011

Poor, poor baby

My poor baby is teething hard! He has always been a hard teether, but I saw marked improvement when he began to wear his amber teething necklace. Today, however, it just isn't doing the trick. He's cutting 2 eye teeth plus a molar or two and he's feverish, drooly and unhappy. Katie made him an allspice necklace this afternoon, he's chewed on a frozen carrot and had herbal tea. All with little effect. Does anybody have an other suggestions? I'm out of clove oil, have no rum in the house or real vanilla......


  1. Poor little guy! He looks miserable! Our Elsa has had quite a few days of BAD teething too (and no teeth to show, yet!). Unfortunately, I doubt I can help you, but we use Boiron homeopathic teething medicine, but what I've found to work the best is Standard Process's Parotid PMG--I give her 1/4 tab at a time. She really likes it and better yet, it WORKS!! My nutritionist recommended the Parotid and also Chamomile tea applied topically.

  2. My mom always rubbed whiskey and honey on our gums.
    Ok - this was the 1960's - things were quite a bit different!
    But, she swears it worked!

  3. My dad rubbed whiskey on my gums in the 80s and I turned out ok :)

  4. I would rub alcohol on his gums, that's what Mr. G's father did for them, but I have no alcohol in the house! And only beer is sold locally. :-/

  5. have you tried giving him an ice-filled cloth bag? like a washcloth with ice in it, secured well with a rubberband?
    Hubby always says the teething is worse when they don't have enough Calcium...and by the way Rachel B. gave some great advice...Standard Process vitamins are wonderful.

  6. Aw. That's so sad. :( He looks for forlorn. :-/ I hope he gets better soon.


  7. Poor boy!! How miserable he must be. I tried all sorts of stuff with Victoria (because she got all her teeth pretty much in the space of 6 months....once, she got eight teeth in at one time!) and I used regular doses of teething tablets (homeopathic ones) and if the pain seemed really bad, I'd give her infant Motrin. Oh, and lots of frozen eats/teething rings, but you're already doing that. Those were the only things that eased the pain for her.


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