Friday, December 10, 2010

Week In Feminine Dress, Day 5

"Nine and Co." skirt, "International Concepts" grey wool turtleneck, and a borrowed from Katie denim jacket. I *love* this skirt but it needs tall black boots before I can wear it out, so for right now I just wear it at home. In the first picture I'm wearing a tanktop under the jacket, but I think it looks better with the turtleneck.


  1. Oh you are so cute! Your attitude is just so fun and it shows in these pictures. I have loved all the outfits this week.

  2. OOHH LOVE the skirt!I vote turtel neck too :0)

  3. love the outfit and I love the second picture! :)

    In Christ,

  4. Your so pretty! This is such a cute outfit. :) The skirt is really cool and I love the jacket. :) It would look good with tall black boots... :) The second picture is so sweet. :)


  5. Thanks ladies, I really love the skirt too. It makes me feel pretty and that's always a good thing for us women! :-)

  6. I agree; it does look better with the turtle neck. I really love the skirt, from a previous post, that has the lace on the bottom!

    And, if I haven't said it before, There is no way that you could convince people, when looking upon your figure, that you have had nine children! I even had to show my daughter how slim and trim you are after so many children. Ha ha


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