Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Week In Feminine Dress, Day 3

Brown linen "Newport News" skirt, pink striped "Arizona Jean Company" shirt and brown tank top. Skirt was eBay but shirts were purchased at MCC (local thrift store).


  1. I love this outfit, my favorite one yet! I love the brown and pink color combo!

    In Christ,

  2. Wonderful outfit! I've never done the WIFD, but I should. I always get inspired. I love your smile in the first pic -- you look so radiantly happy! :)

  3. And you've had how many kids? You look awesome! Brown and pink is my favorite combination.

  4. Thanks gals!
    Amy, I was actually laughing at Gill who was outside the window and Katie took the picture. :-) *Why* is it the minute we want to take some pictures all male eyes are riveted to us??? We had to banish them to go split wood.


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