Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Our gardens are producing bountifully, I've never seen such abundance before. The beans are doing fantastic, the pumpkins, squashes, and cucumbers look great, the tobacco is huge, and the beets promise to be a bumper crop. We are exceedingly blessed this year. And all of it is due to the extraordinarily hard working sons that I have. :-D

We braided the garlic today, first we sorted out the 60 biggest bulbs to plant next year and then we braided the rest. They are hung on the porch and smell wonderfully, if you like garlic that is. Earlier this week we made blueberry syrup. Blueberry syrup, for those of you who are so unfortunate as to have never had this delicacy pass over your palate, is a sweetened, thickened blueberry juice that is the perfect topping for Belgian waffles. You mush up any berry and boil for 15 minutes, strain and add an equal amount of sugar, return to a boil for 1 minute and can it. It is all of Summer's sunny goodness packed into a canning jar. MMMmmmm!

I received my knitted sontag this week. It was hand crafted by the very talented Sarah H and is beautifully knitted. All of the girls are getting something similar to stave off the cold this Winter.
I am very pleased with it, it is quality workmanship through and through!

I have been busily knitting and sewing up some needed clothing. Rebekah's birthday is in exactly 2 weeks and everybody gets a new dress or two for their special day. :-D More peaches are coming today so I better get going as there are jars to wash.......


  1. My beets need to get put up this week too.
    I LOVE pickled beets!
    You have been blessed indeed.

  2. The produce looks and sounds wonderful!! I have never seen or heard of a sontag before. What a great idea. It looks like it would be a wonderful addition on a cold winter's day. Thank you for sharing. Robin

  3. Thank you for posting pictures!! I am so glad you like it and it seems to fit you really well!!
    I will be resting my hand for another week (maybe) and then getting back to work on the girls' sontags.

    Sorry it took me so long to see this post!!



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