Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Dream Fulfilled

A dream of mine to own a wood burning cook stove was fulfilled yesterday as I am now the proud owner of the most beautiful stove ever manufactured!
I have been searching eBay and Craig's list for months in the hopes of finding a suitable stove. I found several that fit the bill but they were in Michigan or Texas or Tennessee and without a truck it just wasn't feasible. Last friday I found this one on eBay for a really nice price but it was in Albany, so I called my travelin' sister to see if she had business up that way. And she did!!! She had to pass within 20 miles of where the stove was in order to pick up her son from college, can you believe it? :-)

So it was hastily arranged for her and a sweet friend with a truck to pick it up for me on Saturday and then they turned around and delivered it to my door yesterday.
They also brought a load of goodies from my folks: a double bed with mattress, box spring, head and foot board, lots of books and magazines, sheer curtains for my livingroom, some shirts for Katie..... :-)

The stove needs the fire bricks replaced and it needs an over rack, but it's pretty well ready to go other than that. I am now in search of a couple of cast iron waffle irons, even the thought pleases me, just thinking of waffles, lol. I am so blessed and happy, I can hardly believe it!


  1. YAY! That's wonderful news! Look at that purty thing -- I can't wait to own one myself. One day. When we have that house built. You'll need to post about all sorts of wood-burning stove cookery and tips and tricks for those of us who can only watch and dream. :)

    Is it a peachy pink color is that my monitor?


  2. That is LOVELY! How exciting! I can't wait to see what you create on that gem!

  3. Oh.my.heavens. I LOVE it!!!! Beautiful indeed and what a blessing from your sister and her friend:-) I'd love to have something like that some day. Enjoy your new oven deary!

  4. Thanks for sharing in the excitement!

    Amy, it's the pictures making it look peachy. They are the original eBay listing pictures since I didn't take any yet (my sister did though but she hasn't had a chance to send them to me). The stove is actually cream and green, it matches my 1920-30 high chair perfectly. :-)

  5. Cream and green! I'm loving it even more.

    Just finished canning my last batch of beans. Whew! My first pressure cooking experiment and I think it turned out ok!

  6. Yay! Congratulations on the beans!

  7. Don't you just love having a gem fall into your lap?
    Congratulations!! Woo Hoo!!

  8. Congratulations it is gorgeous and you are so lucky.

  9. Oh my goodness—Are you blessed, or what! How wonderful; what a find!

  10. What a beautiful stove! Does it require special installation? Are you putting it in your kitchen? I have a woodburning cookstove but it's 80 miles away at my brother's place. I haven't been able to get it home. It's not near as nice as yours!!

  11. Marg, thank you! We already have a wood burning stove in our livingroom as our sole source of heat, so this cook stove will just replace that one. Yes, I'll be cooking in the livingroom but it wouldn't fit in our little kitchen so..... :-)


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