Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brother Can You Spare A Dime?

The Labor Department reported last week that prices at the wholesale level jumped seven tenths of one percent in March, inflation hasn't been in the news much lately so the report took a lot of people by surprise. The "official" consensus is that we've turned the corner and the worst is over, but a closer look at the numbers showed price increases at the producer level were led by food and energy. Strip away those components and prices rose only modestly, at one-tenth of one percent, however, unfortunately for consumers, food and gasoline make up a big part of their monthly budgets. Food prices for the month rose by 2.4 percent, the sixth consecutive monthly increase and the largest jump in over 26 years. Some watchdog groups, myself included, believe that a major breakout in food inflation could be imminent, similar to what is currently being experienced in India.

"Some of the startling food price increases on a year-over-year basis include, fresh and dry vegetables up 56.1 percent, fresh fruits and melons up 28.8 percent, eggs for fresh use up 33.6 percent, pork up 19.1 percent, beef and veal up 10.7 percent and dairy products up 9.7 percent," the group said in a release. "On October 30th, 2009, NIA predicted that inflation would appear next in food and agriculture, but we never anticipated that it would spiral so far out of control this quickly."

Americans receiving Food Stamps now total 39.4 million, a number that increased 22% over last year. This number has increased for 14 consecutive months with the Government now paying out more to Americans in benefits than it collects in taxes.

As hard as the coming times will be, we have only to look back 80 years to see some real life strategies to cope with another depression. As the Government turned to rationing during WW2 they appealed to citizens to do their patriotic duty and plant a "Victory Garden" to provide their own fruits and vegetables; almost 20 million Americans turned their backyards into gardens in the name of Patriotism. Magazines printed stories about victory gardens and gave instructions on how to grow and preserve garden produce. Families were encouraged to can their own vegetables to save commercial canned goods for the troops. In 1943, families bought 315,000 pressure cookers as compared to 66,000 in 1942.

After the Depression ended and with the return of prosperity most urban dwellers no longer preserved food for home use; eventually farm wives would follow suit and begin to rely wholly on store bought food. To make sure that your family has access to wholesome food if a true crisis occurs is beginning to make sense to a lot more people these days. Home gardens and canning supplies are again on the rise. Even if you can't garden you can join a CSA or buy locally from a farmer's market and preserve food. Too many people, anxious to hear what they want to hear, will not be prepared when hyper-inflation hits and stores remain unstocked or close their doors. Today is the day to make your plans, gather your supplies and take care of your family. I shudder to think of people starving and I know it will happen, but I need to make sure that I've done everything humanly possible to prepare and trust God to bless my efforts and I hope you will do the same. It's not too late, and really, what else do you have planned for this Summer that could be more important? Spread the word! :-)


  1. AMEN sistah!

    I believe the government really wants people to rely on them for handouts and not be able to take care of themselves. They can be in control of those people when the time comes.
    They are more worried about people like us who can actually take care of themselves.

  2. This is a great post, Paris. I, too, shudder at the thought of people starving -- from ignorance as much as from hunger -- when the economy really busts. So many people just don't believe it'll happen. The country was founded by a people who were self-reliant. I hope and pray that God will bless all our efforts to provide for ourselves, even if they are meager.

  3. Amen!

    Garden, can, save. Save water, supplies, needed medicines, blankets, first aide supplies, and anything needful. Pray the Lord to bless your efforts, as you said Paris. The Lord will help those who help themselves. Blessings to you and all others who feel this great need that we do! It is not just a fad; it is not just a whim; it is counseled for us to do this against the hard times ahead that surely will and already have started to come.

    May we all feel a strong urging to do this is my prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ.

  4. Lori, I agree, the Gov't has a vested interest in controlling the people whether it's their food or healthcare or whatever.

    Amy, we really need God's blessing because we certainly aren't "self reliant" enough not to need Him. I do worry about our family though, we have some really glaring gaps in our preparedness. :-/

    Zebu, I agree and I *so* wish people would take this seriously. It's easy to look back in history and see how foolish the people were, meanwhile we're doing the very same things.


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