Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nothing Much

I don't have anything earth shattering to blog about, this is more of a "just checking in, how are you doing" kind of post. It's been busy here, we got a new cow last week and named her Clary. She's making her adjustment to the way we do things and it's nice for Levi and Micah to have their own cow to milk. Hand milking really builds the hand and forearm muscles! I've been sewing (are you surprised? :-)) among the projects were quilted caps for Levi and Micah. They turned out really well and I *do* want to post pictures. They are corduroy on the outside and quilted plaid flannel on the inside, Katie made a matching one for Asa and a little jacket too. It is so adorable! I cut and almost have finished an 1840's dress for Rebekah, but I did finish up another gown for Asa which is a red and brown Delft print. I need to draft a new chemise pattern for him, he's been going without and it is far too chilly here to not have that layer. I got the buttonholes and buttons done on Mr. G shirt along with 2 shirts for Aleks, 1 for Levi and 2 for Micah. I have something to sew for Katie today or tomorrow but I can't tell you what because she reads my blog! :-) I still need to rip apart my gown that I want to remake, but I haven't made much headway there at all. And, I really, really want to find someone to help me learn to knit better and I need to make contact with a local tatting teacher to work out a kink in my tatting. I'm turning something somehow so I get these funny twists in my tatting. So, there's my life lately. :-) I'll hopefully have some pictures to post later this week. Take care.

Mrs. G

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