Tuesday, October 6, 2009

and THIS little piggy.....

I had a check-up yesterday with my midwife, whilst there we wanted to get an approximate weight for the little man. I knew that he was gaining but I never expected that he'd be well over 10 pounds! That's over a pound, more like a pound and a quarter in 13 days; I think they recommend that babies gain back their birth weight by 2 weeks to a month, ! So, I guess he's getting enough to eat, huh? :-) That's a picture of him taken this evening in the 3rd nightgown that Katie made him, it's flannel lined and *cosy*!

We are starting to can pumpkin and squash now, it will make an easy addition to quicky meal preparation. I'd like to can dry beans as well like we did last year, but I don't know if I'll get to it or not. We pressed cider for the first time last Thursday and got 20 some gallons, they were so busy, we waited hours to get our turn. I'd like our own cider press, maybe some day! Senna is now weaned and so we've been having a massive influx of milk. We make a lot of ricotta but really how much ricotta can one family eat? I've made some harder cheeses a few times but I'm no expert, a lot of people make yogurt but I'm not really a fan of anything that feels like snot in your mouth...... So, what to do? All the animals would drink the excess of course, but I'd rather the children benefitted from it. We still have chickens to butcher, a turkey for Thanksgiving, and several pigs to do this Fall.

In other mundane news, I washed the baby's clothes this evening. I hand wash all of his clothes, he doesn't do well with standard detergents so I wash his in Charlies. Have I mentioned Charlies lately? I *love* the stuff, it's not harsh on clothes and is completely unscented as well. His clothes just smell clean, not perfumey. I add the recommended 1 tablespoon of soap to a washtub of straight hot water and all of his white clothes (gowns, chemises, socks, caps, petticoats etc) and let it set until I can comfortably put my hands in it. Then I rub the clothes between my hands any place where they seem soiled. Squeeze water out and place in rinse tub. I rinse twice and that's it! Hang and they're dry by morning! To the wash water I then add the hot rinse water and his pastels and repeat. After that the water is pretty cool and I wash his few darks. It uses a lot less water, is much easier on his clothes, and most importantly I like to do it.

I have a number of sewing projects lined up for the coming weeks that I'm excited to get to! First is a dress for me! I'll be so pleased when I can wear it, I almost never find time to sew for myself, but I'm *making* time. I've been inspired anew but several dear friends who are sewing lovely historical gowns for themselves. Thanks to all of you!


  1. I don't remember if I congratulated you or not on your newest addition, so CONGRATULATIONS!! He is absolutely adorable. I'm a fairly new reader of your blog and I must say that you are such an inspiration with all you do. I would love to have the animals and self sufficiency that your family has. I'm just starting on that journey, with our first attempt at a vegetable garden this year and next year we will expand and may get chickens.
    I also plan on making our new baby's(coming in Feb.) wardrobe which will be a new task for me.
    Congratulations again, enjoy you new blessing.

  2. He looks so comfy and cozy in his flannel nightie. What a healthy boy he is, Paris!! God is very good.

  3. He is quite the little man, isn't he? Beautiful!

    OK, now, last year I received a quart of maple syrup from you - my daughter and I are hooked.
    Now I see you press your own apples for cider and make cheese. How cool!

    By the way, I will pass along the Charlies site - -

  4. Congratulations! What a beautiful big boy. I love reading your blog all the way over here in Australia. We share many common interests including sewing , gardening and preserving. God Bless you and your family

  5. Tiff, I'm glad to "meet" you and have you as a reader. I see that you're expecting your 7th baby, congratulations! Good luck on the gardening, it's a great thing for children to be connected to their food. :-)

    Saskia, being in Australia this must be Spring for you, right? Have you planted anything yet? Of course, maybe you can garden year round there..... I think the comparisons would be interesting, do you blog about your life?

    Amy & Robin, yes indeed, God has blessed us so richly!

    Ken, Yes, I *can* make cheese and we do press apples. :-) A good rule of thumb about my life would be: if *I* do it, then it can't be hard. That's not false modesty but a truism, I don't like hard things!

  6. He is sooooo adorable. He looks so snuggly and cozy. I love reading you're posts, especially about your day to day life and how you have become so self sufficient with your lifestyles. God Bless!

  7. He is definitely one of the sweetest little boys I've ever seen. His sweet little lips and his hair and oh, he is so perfect! And he has such a beautiful nose!

    I cannot wait to see the dress you are making for yourself! You do such a beautiful job with the childrens clothing and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make for yourself. I'm so glad you are making time for this!

    Do you do your own butchering? I've only ever done chickens and can't imagine doing a pig. . .


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