Monday, September 14, 2009

All finished!

It is with great satisfaction that I can write "my sewing's all done!", great relief as well as I was nervous that I wouldn't have it completed and then what would I do? I finished the final little gown at the end of last week, it is a really beautiful terra cotta color and not pink like the photo seems. I put calico buttons on it, I don't know if that's a no-no or not but white china gets boring.

Following are photos of the baby sacque and bonnet that I finished a while ago. I know a lot of you have already seen it but my family hasn't. The outside is light blue tropical weight wool, the lining is champagne colored silk poplin and the embellishment is peach silk embroidery

Katie has been sewing more little caps and if I feel like it I'd like to make a fancier cap from Batiste. I guess that I just can't knock it off with the sewing!


The boys gathered about 60# of apples today. We will eat a lot, dry some and make apple butter for the year. Early apples don't make good cider so we'll wait to press until October, I think. This weekend we did another 15-18 dozen ears of corn and we are *hopefully* done with corn now!
I am 39 weeks on Wednesday but since I go late I could actually have close to 3 weeks left. I am so eager to meet our "little stranger"!


  1. My goodness--what a lot of work you have done, Paris! I am so excited for you!

    A question for you--Do you find that your family struggles with the evil influences of the world a lot, or if not, how do you keep a strong desire in them for choosing the right? I was thinking of the Duggar family, and they seem to do really well in this area, as well as many others.

  2. What a darling gown! How will you choose which one to put on him first? :) They are all beautiful!

    I am thinking of you a lot as you are in great expectation. . .every day I wonder "will today be the day?" I can't wait to hear baby news!

    We are starting to get apples here. The apple tree we have here was attacked by Japanese beetles so there are only a few sickly looking fruits but we plan on getting a bunch from a pick-your-own orchard this week or next. . .I love this time of year!

  3. Wowee! Those are some pretty little outfits you have there. I bet that embroidery took quite a lot of time. Your new little ray of sunshine will be very well dressed.

    I'm waiting with bated breath for the moment you post a little "Baby's arrived!" bit of news. :) So much anticipation!

  4. Wow...I just love the colors you chose! The outfits are beautiful, and should be passed down for generations to come!

    And I think calico buttons are even more appropriate than plain china.

  5. Beautiful! I love all the little things you have made for your special boy. They're fantastic.


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