Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Henry and the Great Society

I want to give you another book recommendation since it ties in so well with what we were discussing in the last post. The book is Henry and the Great Society by H.L. Roush. If I were to list my top ten books that influenced or revolutionized my thinking, this book would make the list. It's the kind of thought provoking book that ought to be re-read occasionally to remind you afresh of the truthfulness it contains. It is the story of a farm family who are at peace with themselves and God and what happens to them once progress comes into their life. It is not a book that pushes a "no change" agenda nor does its message consist of "electricity is evil" type rhetoric. It is meant to sound an alarm for those who would hear about the need to understand, really understand, what contentment is, what peace is, and what progress really is. You will probably see yourself in Henry, I know I did and that's troublesome only if you choose to go back to sleep. Since I have an extra copy of the book, I will loan it to anybody who would like to read it. If more than one would like to borrow it we will just send it around until everybody has had a chance to read it. BTW, it's a short book and can easily be read in an evening.


  1. Dear Mrs. G.

    Can the book be purchased through amazon?

    Lady M

  2. Lady M, if you click on the book title in the original post it will take you right to Amazon where the book can be purchased!



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