Saturday, February 21, 2009

I love Weck

I have an infatuation for Weck jars; all shapes, all sizes. I love Weck. We went to Lehman's again today, primarily because they have a "bargain room" where the returned or defective stuff is deeply discounted. It's further discounted on Saturdays, hence our trip today. And in the bargain room to what should my wondering eyes appear? But 2 Weck jars! One was a dollar and the other 2 dollars. I have some of the juice jars that I canned maple syrup in last year and some of the ones above in the biggest size. I wish they weren't so expensive (why is everything that I like so pricey?) but they're re-usable for years so the cost is somewhat offset.

My other purpose for going was to get another set of the yellow splatter/spatterware dishes that we use. I bought ours years ago and I like it so much better than speckleware/grannyware that is more common. Not only has Lehman's upped the price, but they're all made in China! Ugh, I guess I'll have to find something else. Their speckleware is made in Mexico, so I suppose that's better but by how much I don't know. I was pretty disappointed; breakable dishes just don't hold up here, so my options are really limited. I won't use melamine or plastic, so that's out too. I think I'm down to two options, pewter or treenware. Lehman's ought to rename themselves "China Mart" since so much of what they sell comes from there. It really is possible to purchase goods without resorting to Chinese made junk; it takes more effort, but at least you can avoid the garbage that they add to cut costs. Of course, if they're never punished for poisoning baby formula, pet food, or children's toys, then why should they stop? They have ZERO respect for human life (theirs or ours) and unfortunately Americans are too greedy for cheap stuff to effectively boycott them.


  1. Here here! on your tirade regarding China! I went on a "China-free" kick the last year or so of daycare. I just didn't want to take the chance on something happening to the kids, and it was the principle of the thing. I applaud your dedication to finding other options. Unfortunately I have slipped back into my old ways, in large part because Bob objects to driving to Erie (or Dunkirk or Jamestown)any more often than absolutely necessary, so we go to the same old places, buy the same old junk. In that regard I really miss living in St. Paul.

  2. Well Paris...I googled "Weck" and all I came up with was Beef on Weck :) A Buffalo original....what on earth is you version of Weck...I have a fishbowl that looks amazingly similar :)


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