Monday, September 22, 2008


We go pick up apples at a local orchard every year and dry them or press them into cider. The owner lets you take for free all that you want of the windfalls. Today was the first time we went this year and this is what we came home with. The orchard owner told me the varieties but I've forgotten; there are 4 different kinds anyway. We will go again on Wednesday to get some Grimes and more Yellow Delicious and maybe press some, although I was going to wait a few weeks. Those apples will give about 10-15 gallons of cider and we *love* cider so the temptation
is great to get these pressed, but later apples make better cider. We'll see.

I really love the Autumn. How it smells and how it looks. It makes me happy.


  1. We love to pick apples and raspberries at this time of the year. We've never made cidar though-do you have a press?

  2. Cheryl, no we don't have one yet. There is an Amish family close by that has a press. It's a *huge* wooden contraption that takes up a small building and they press for everyone around here; the lines are LONG on thursdays when they press.

  3. I love apples! This time of year is so much fun! We are going to a historic cider press in a couple of weeks too!

  4. We might have apples to do something with soon. Our Grandparents have tree that is loaded! We've already made about 60 quarts of appple sauce this summer. :)

    We have made cider before at one of our friends house. They have a cider press!!

    I love fall too!! One reason is that's when my birthday is. :D



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